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Be Yourself

Letting Your Inner Child Out To Play

Once upon a moment there was only now. The day you were born and every memory after was in the now. As you read this you and I are connected through words in the now. Like children playing they are not thinking about what’s ahead they are present and playing in their now.

As adults, many of us are haunted by the experiences and pain of our childhood. When we undergo upset or trauma in our youth, it leaves a mark that hobbles us; where we constantly bookmark that page or story in our life we couldn’t yet understand. For some your inner child was raised in security and taught them boundaries and how to come out and bring joy but life experiences pushes play aside for work, responsibilities, and stress but we can have a balance.

For us to lead happy, fulfilling lives as adults, we have to resolve this pain and teach our inner child that it’s safe to play again. Your inner child learned it wasn’t safe to be happy or free.

Tapping into inner child play of self-healing enables us to reshape our perspective of self and the patterns of thinking keep us small or stuck in the darkness of our pasts.

It’s not an easy process but it’s is a necessary process that brings true transformation and happiness.

Everyone has an inner child and unique gifts to offer the world. Everyone! Our inner child is a piece of our subconscious and when we acknowledge and bring her/him back we experience all that fun and imagination of possibilities. The world is in need more than ever for this fun and passion. All this can be rediscovered and reawakened by getting back in sync with the innocence of our inner child.

We’re all going to experience these signs to a degree but when these signs are constant and with no sense of relief it is showing your inner child is still hurt and scared:

  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Overworked and Burnout
  • Perfectionism and Rigidity
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Negative Inner Talk
  • Addiction and Risk taking behaviors
  • Toxic Intimacy and Attachment

Some Action Tools I guide you through:

  • Stop numbing your feelings and feel them
  • Move slowly and with certainty, children move with wonder and excitement
  • Remove your inhibitions and be silly
  • Pursue passions and laughter consciously keeping it simple
  • Be the parent, partner, sibling, friend you want to experience
  • Set your boundaries and limitations that speak your authentic truth
  • Self love by being honest with our inner child at all times

Building happiness by letting your inner child out to play sets the foundation that communicates a new sense of harmony and peace. Your inner child wants to heal. They want to be happy and play through life. It’s up to you to create an environment that they can thrive in naturally.

Make your own life more open and accepting of everything that you are and were. By taking off the shackles of your inhibitions and leaving freedom for your inner child to explore all the things that ignite their passions and excite them. Allow yourself to follow these passions with childlike wonder and with intentions of finding ways to infuse your life with as much laughter and spontaneity as possible. Creativity is the magic of infinite possibilities. When we allow our inner children to come out and play, we allow ourselves to heal and be happy authentically and from the inside out.

Scars: Our Healed Wounds

Within our scars lies the truth within of who we are. We are stories long before birth. All our pain, fears, joys, and challenges are encrypted pieces creating a mosaic legacy of our lives. When we hide from these pieces we hide from ourselves leaving open gaps. This means accepting the work and risks choosing both bliss and grit to summon the beauty.

What I’ve learned about grief is that it never shows up when it’s convenient. Grief is like glitter even after the event it’s always tucked in the corners somewhere. When my grief was new and raw I used to push it away, to keep showing up for my family, my work, and told myself other people needed me so I didn’t take time for myself. But through grief it quickly taught me that the best way to take care of others was to take care of myself. I now allow it the dignity of the process and not keep it around any longer than it deserves. Through bittersweet strength and vulnerability I surrender and let go of anyone or anything that doesn’t nourish my soul or rise to my authentic vibration.

To heal our wounds is one of the most powerful expressions of self love. It allows us to open to the magic of Mother Nature. With every cleansing tear that falls or bend over belly laugh reminds me I’m alive breathing in the now. To find wholeness and inspiration in the wildness of nature connects us with our own wild sanctity to be naked and free.

I choose to be in my body and love every inch of it both inside and out. I embrace the connection to the intelligence that exists inside my cells with love, empowerment, faith, orgasmic pleasure, freedom, integrity, generosity, compassion, vulnerability, and infinite self love. I admire and grateful for my inner and outer scars as it is a reminder of my growth.

~Gina Ann ©2020

The Wings of Children

Her name is jojo, a fairy angel. She has ripped her wing and cannot fly. The generosity of spirit is on its way as she meets a sweet bee, a hard working spider, and a wise but playful snake, who happens to be a vegan chef. She learns with her joy, fears, hurts and through play her own struggles to believe in herself.

As a Para Educator for over 17 years I have been with, listened to, taught, and held many wings of children.

One of my students, a 14-year-old boy who is in daily physical and mental struggle; his body is trapped. He has cerebral palsy and a shunt in his brain. Sitting beside him in the classroom I watch closely as his legs twitch to sit still and writes with a shaky pencil as his twisted arm gets tired. I see and feel his embarrassment when leaving the classroom early so he can have a clear path for his fear of falling. I help him with all his academic studies, sit every day beside him at lunch per his insistence, and I ask him what the grass is saying to him as we stroll between classrooms. He grins, saying, “That’s crazy Ms. Gina,” but he answers with a slight grin, “the grass is saying they move gracefully and dance wildly.” But it goes beyond the visible. In our time together we laugh, he sits straighter, his writing becomes clearer, and he begins to walk with his classmates even holding his own backpack. Well, we still leave early before lunch so we can be first in line to eat. Three years later he graduates and approaches me moving gracefully and dancing wildly.

As I recall a child of 7, a girl whose innocence was taken from her with sexual abuse. On top of it she was diagnosed with autism. The sexual abuse alongside her diagnosis compounded the severity of her fears. Besides having trouble following simple classroom instructions, she did not like to be touched, loud noises would throw her in a fit of screams, and she always needed to be placed where she was not confined and could escape. My role was to be the teacher of comfort. In that slowly my pats on her hand became not only welcomed but calmed her in those unpredictable moments. I discovered that her very best friend was her imagination in art. It was a safe and quiet place. That is where the sun, the moon, and all the colors of the rainbow came to life on her drawing paper.

I’m not sure if there could be anything more life changing and heart opening was my visit reading and singing to the children at St. Jude Research Hospital in Tennessee. For these children this is their last hope for a cure for cancer. Reading and singing alongside one another is a divine teaching how beautifully children shift into joy even in the midst of hurt.

Like jojo, I have had help along the way with my ripped wings to believe in myself. All of us are born for a reason and not all of us discover why. What I have learned is happiness in life is not what is gained but what you do for others. As important using educational background seems to be, it has never been my belief solely necessary. Using one of my favorite books “Play” by Stuart Brown as an important lesson not only for teaching but also for life. One of many scientific conclusions is being playful is not only fun, makes us happy but it wakes up our creative sense to look out in the world, explores our imagination and makes old sights and sounds feel new.

Gina Ann (gigi)

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