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Love Messages

Gina heals my energy and lifts my soul. As a fellow light worker, I can say without a doubt that her gifts and healing energy have changed my life. After being in her loving space, I am forever changed, more connected, and understanding of my own gifts. Not to mention… she gets me on a mom-to-mom basis. I’ve made a forever friend and soul sister. Hope everyone has an opportunity experience her light!

~Lani, Hawaii

From the moment I spoke to Gina on the phone, I knew I came across someone special. Gina has guided me on a path toward self-love and acceptance, which has finally helped me release the burden of needing validation from a variety of external sources. Gina also has a gift for understanding what your soul or heart really needs. This gift helps her identify the tools you need on your path of self-improvement and self-fulfillment. For example, I used to be a ball of anxiety, forever planning my next move and comparing myself to others. Gina has taught me to live fully in the present and understand that the universe has its own plan for me, and I'm on my own journey. What really stands out about Gina is her sterling integrity and honesty. I've never met anyone in this profession that is purely guided by a desire to help others and connect with other souls. I am confident that Gina cares about and is fully invested in my growth and happiness - which is a rare thing in this world. She's a gem.

~Sahar, Los Angeles

Gina is one of the most amazing souls that I've had the pleasure of sharing energetic space with. She is so authentically genuine and loving and she draws you into a beautiful space of divine love and light. She is deserving of all great things coming her way! Love and light to you Gina!


Gina is one of the most unique people that I have met during my spiritual journey. She has an indefinite passion and love for children. Her spirit is able to fill a room and the children that I’ve seen her interact with adore her. She enables children to escape into a fairy land amidst their current barriers. We are all ready for the next book, and hopefully a cartoon to capture the hearts of readers and viewers. Jojo should be known to every boy and girl all over the world as a constant reminder that we all can be a fairy angels! Thank you Gina Anne.

~Nilaja Y.

Working with Gina, I have seen the compassion and warmth she brings to every interaction. She embodies a youthful vibrance and openness that the children around her respond to with joy and exuberance, and makes sure everyone in the room feels welcomed and seen. When she needs to set limits or challenge people to meet a higher standard, she communicates it in a way that shows she has faith in others to grow and achieve. I never fail to be impressed by her ability to bring lightness and laughter.

~Nikki D.

I have witnessed first hand the gift that Gina Ann has working with children. She has a beautiful spirit and she is gentle, kind, and creative. Children truly respond to her warm personality. I have seen them open up and shine when she is working with them. She is naturally gifted at gaining their attention and bringing out the best in each and everyone of the kids she teaches.

~ Billy Gallo, Founder and Owner of the Manhattan Actor Studio

I have known Gina for more than 13 years and throughout that time, she has been remarkable and extraordinary. We were Girl Scout leaders together for 12 of those years and I saw firsthand how powerful Gina can be. She is committed, hard working, trustworthy and a delight to be around. Gina has a very special way with children of all ages. She has a big heart and is thoughtful, loving and kind to everyone she meets. Gina has a special way of connecting with children and I saw her on countless occasions make lasting impressions on little ones.

Gina is a leader I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse. She is truly one in a million and is respected and loved by so many!

~ Allyson Rener | President Murphy O'Brien Public Relations

I am writing this on behalf of Gina, my Girl Scout leader since kindergarten. I have known Gina for more than 12 years now and every step of the way I have been blown away by her huge heart and generous spirit. She was an inspiring leader to me personally – as well as my entire troop. Gina made every outing fun and adventurous and also loved all of us every step of the way. She is a kind, nurturing, positive, gifted and talented leader and deeply loves children from all walks of life. I highly recommend and endorse Gina. She is truly one in a million and is adored and loved by so many.

~ Hannah R. 18 years

As long as I've known Gina, over 15 years, she has always been a creative thinker. Her work with children never stops with mere pleasantries, always striving to get more and dig deeper into their young minds. Gina has that rare combination not found in most adults, of both a beautiful heart and soul. She is eager to get children thinking on a deeper level.

Her own past struggles give her a unique gift, which can help her reach children and trust her with their path for life. Gina has the ability to empower children to open themselves up to all the possibilities that lie before them.

~ Virginia Silvestri

Gina is a kind and caring professional who seeks to empower children on their life's journey. Her positive and engaging personality, educational background, training and experience supporting children in the classroom give her a unique perspective from which to draw. As a mother, Gina understands the challenging phases of childhood. And as an actress she is well positioned to enable children to better express their energy, issues or concerns.

Can't wait to see how Gina taps into the emotions, intuition and unique gifts of each of her students

~ Merriam F. Wilhelm M.Ed and author

What moves Gina in her everyday is doing: Good. A simple word yet, raises the bar in whatever she is part of. Good, at work place: comes early, leaves late, multitask focus, start to finish end goal done. Side steps complaints, excuses, clock gazing, coffee breaks not on her watch. Good at students’ desks: Standard lessons require hard-word trimming for students who hear, talk, and walk with difficulty. They are special children with disabilities who need special attention a sense of belonging and to feel safe and a special teacher who listens with her heart. Gina is that teacher.

Well then, who is Gina? Evidence proves she raises the bar. If so, Gina’s “Good” has deeper meaning. Ethics.

What moves Gina in her everyday is : Ethics

Built on life’s experience inner brick-by-inner brick develops solid, outer grounding. Presence holds high, holds secure in reaching out to whomever; adult related, child related, or work, business, personal related.

Gina’s Ethics are invisible, walk unseen and rest upon the needs, sometimes wants by listening with – her heart. That’s it. Extra thoughts, words, are redundant.

~ Friend

Gina is a very sensitive open soul. She makes me feel welcome and valid. Best of all Gina knows how to make the best of any situation. Gina has helped me through so much and any child of any age would be lucky to have her on their side."

~ Zoe age 13

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