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Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

Life Skills Facilitator Personalized for Adults, Teens, and Children

Gina Ann guides and assists you on your path to find joy, discover what you love and connect with YOUr true self. Interactively all the senses are engaged to empower and inspire.

She crafts a personalized experience encouraging you to grow, blossom and receive tools to navigate through challenging times. Everyone has an inner child and unique gifts to offer the world. Everyone! Our inner child is a piece of our subconscious and when we acknowledge and bring her/him back we experience all that fun and imagination of possibilities.

The world is in need more than ever for this fun and passion. All this can be rediscovered and reawakened by getting back in sync with the innocence of our inner child.

We're all going to experience these signs to a degree but when these signs are constant and with no sense of relief it is showing your inner child is still hurt and scared:

  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Overworked and Burnout
  • Perfectionism and Rigidity
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Negative Inner Talk
  • Addiction and Risk taking behaviors
  • Toxic Intimacy and Attachment

Some Action Tools I guide you through:

  • Stop numbing your feelings and feel them
  • Move slowly and with certainty, children move with wonder and excitement
  • Remove your inhibitions and be silly
  • Pursue passions and laughter consciously keeping it simple
  • Be the parent, partner, sibling, friend you want to experience
  • Set your boundaries and limitations that speak your authentic truth
  • Self love by being honest with our inner child at all times
  • Understanding that you are not alone

Building happiness by letting your inner child out to play sets the foundation that communicates a new sense of harmony and peace. Your inner child wants to heal. They want to be happy and play through life. It's up to you to create an environment that they can thrive in naturally.

Make your own life more open and accepting of everything that you are and were. By taking off the shackles of your inhibitions and leaving freedom for your inner child to explore all the things that ignite their passions and excite them. Allow yourself to follow these passions with childlike wonder and with intentions of finding ways to infuse your life with as much laughter and spontaneity as possible. Creativity is the magic of infinite possibilities. When we allow our inner children to come out and play, we allow ourselves to heal and be happy authentically and from the inside out.

Contact Gina Ann for a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss your child and their needs, issues and concerns. Discuss and explore your intentions for your child’s engagement in this program. Email: or call 310.617.6215

Gina's heart centered listening and tools allows you to clarify goals, set achievable action plan, and build on your strengths.

She looks forward to connecting with you. Her motto is "Let's connect, feel, heal, and play".

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